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Spartan Medical to launch Altapure's AP-4 medical high-level disinfection system across the US in the battle against COVID-19
15 October 2020 -

Veteran owned small business Spartan Medical Inc revealed on Wednesday that it plans to introduce Altapure LLC's AP-4 High-level Disinfection-System (HLDS) across the US market in the fight against COVID-19.

This critically needed, AP-4 advanced-ultrasonic-technology ensures that all healthcare and long-term care facilities, schools, universities, cruise lines, among others, can provide the cleanest/safest environment to fellow Americans. Altapure's first fully integrated high-level disinfection system AP–4 Medical HLD System will eliminate all bacteria, spores and viruses in a treated space. The system is easily operated by one person and many facilities have one person running two to three machines at a time.

The AP–4 is a single mobile unit platform, containing a combined submicron aerosol output device and environmental air re-processor system with data feedback. The process's agent is organic, biodegradable, food safe and leaves zero residue. Its PAA agent is an EPA registered cold sterilant, bactericide, fungicide, virucide and sporicide. In short, there has not yet been a pathogen that can survive the disinfection cycle, making the implementation of this state-of-the-art solution paramount during COVID-19 and beyond.

In collaboration with NASA, Altapure has shown efficacy in the sterilization of PPE with the 'peracetic acid technology.



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