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BIOCORP partners with VITROBIO PHARMA to produce first drug treatment against allergy related to pollution
18 November 2019 -

French medical company BIOCORP (FR0012788065 - ALCOR) said on Friday that it has entered into exclusive strategic partnership with VITROBIO PHARMA to tackle the global challenge of pollution and the risks it poses to everyone's health, including respiratory tract.

VITROBIO, a pharmaceutical company, has registered a new generation of polymeric drugs representing a potential market of several tens of millions of units. This new medical device required nearly 20 years of R&D and is the first drug able to inhibite the harmful effects of pollution causing respiratory distress syndrome. The product acts as a barrier on the nasal surface and prevents contact with pollutants and allergens, while eliminating histamines and harmful proteins through mechanical action, without any side effects.

Pursuant to an exclusive ten year agreement, VITROBIO will begin with the manufacturing of the first treatment against the harmful effects of allergy and pollution on the respiratory tract. BIOCORP will thus ensure the filling of nasal sprayers on behalf of VITROBIO. The estimated turnover is more than EUR10m.

In conjunction with the partnership, BIOCORP has decided to invest EUR600,000m in the acquisition of a new fully automated manufacturing unit.

Effective January 2020, BIOCORP's new production line will enrich the existing industrial park. A return on investment is expected within two or three years.