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LKC Technologies collaborates with US Retina for GPO Programme
16 April 2018 -

Visual electrophysiology company LKC Technologies reported on Friday the launch of its partnership with US Retina, one of the largest associations of private retina practices in the US with 203 member practices representing over 1,000 physicians, Group Purchasing Organisation (GPO).

US Retina reportedly provides valuable and immediate access to LKC's new technologies to advance the former's quality patient care, according to Peter L. Sonkin, MD, US Retina Board Member and Retinal Specialist at Tennessee Retina.

Helping the way physicians detect, diagnose and treat vision threatening diseases is the goal of every US Retina's retinal physician and LKC Technologies is the perfect partner to help US Retina's members gain access to high quality electrodiagnostic devices wherever they practice, added Dr L. Sonkin.

LKC is developing systems to provide objective functional information assisting in effective diagnosis of many ophthalmic conditions and vision threatening diseases. US Retina's vision is to lead the Retinal Vitreous industry toward high-quality and cost-effective healthcare, creating outcomes that exceed the expectations of its members, partners and patients.