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Cromsource introduces One Trial One Price offer
11 April 2018 -

Cromsource, an international contract research organisation offering a comprehensive portfolio of clinical research services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, has launched a service offering and guarantee for its clients - One Trial One Price, it was reported on Tuesday.

This service offering was created based on feedback from present and prospective clients frustrated with the trend of post-award change orders resulting from an underestimation of the trial requirements by the CRO. Cromsource claims that clients can be assured that with One Trial One Price[TM] the cost mutually agreed at the contract phase is the price that is paid with no change orders. This is on the basis that the client allows Cromsource to utilise its extensive experience and knowledge of the clinical trial environment and investigators to ensure that key project milestones are met without delay.

Dr Oriana Zerbini, founder and CEO of CROMSOURCE, said: "Drug developers continue to experience an increased number of change orders, causing the cost of clinical trials to continue to rise. To mitigate the impact of this phenomenon, CROMSOURCE launched the One Trial One Price guarantee more than five years ago. With over 20 years of clinical research experience, we are confident in our ability to consistently deliver high quality data on-time and on-budget, which allows us to keep our commitment to the original project costs."



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