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KetoTV announces keto clinical trial with Nicolas Tzenios and KGK Science Inc
31 May 2019 -

KetoTV reported on Thursday that Nicolas Tzenios plans to launch a keto clinical trial under a partnership with KGK Science Inc, a contract research organisation.

Hon Prof Dr Nicolas Tzenios is the chairman of medical research hub TRCGEN+. He is the author of 'Nic's Keto Diet', a book which is now available in four languages, and created a Keto postgraduate course that is taught in universities and colleges across the globe. TRCGEN+ sponsors medical research clinical trials including Keto diet effects and a genetic research related to specific genetic cancer treatment approach with Kursk State Medical University.

Through this research programme, Hon Prof Tzenios hopes to prove his 'Friendly LDL Theory', which suggests that in the absence of elevated glucose, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) does not oxidise or form plaque and has anti-inflammatory effects. He believes that elevated glucose, rather than fat, results in the onset of cardiovascular and diet-related diseases.

In addition, Hon Prof Tzenios is applying to patent his Friendly LDL Theory. This concept is inspired by the success of the keto diet, which involves the ingestion of high-fat, low-carb foods. If corroborated, his theory has the potential to greatly impact the realm of dietary science, KetoTV said.