Therapy Areas: Autoimmune
Magenta Therapeutics Presents First Immune Reset Results with Antibody-Drug Conjugate Across Multiple Autoimmune Diseases at ACR
13 November 2019 - - US-based biotechnology company Magenta Therapeutics (NASDAQ: MGTA) has presented new data showing successful immune reset with a single dose of its CD45-ADC in models of three autoimmune diseases.
These results were presented at the American College of Rheumatology annual meeting in Atlanta, Ga.
Current standard treatment for patients with multiple sclerosis involves years of chronic dosing of medications that do not halt the progression of the disease.
For patients with systemic sclerosis, a potentially fatal disease, there are no approved therapies.
Immune reset through stem cell transplant has demonstrated durable remissions in thousands of patients with autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and systemic sclerosis, and it is recommended by the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) in treatment guidelines for systemic sclerosis.
The immune reset process involves two main steps: removing the disease-causing cells and replacing them with healthy cells to rebuild the immune system to a healthy state.
Magenta is the only company developing targeted antibody-drug conjugates designed to precisely remove the disease-causing cells in the body without the need for chemotherapy or radiation.
Magenta's CD45-ADC program targets CD45, a protein expressed on immune cells and stem cells, and is designed to remove the cells that cause autoimmune diseases to enable curative immune reset.
Data at ACR showed that a single dose of CD45-ADC removed disease-causing reactive T cells, enabled successful immune reset and rebuild of the immune system and was well tolerated in a reliable murine model of autoimmune disease, the EAE model.
Further, a single dose of CD45-ADC significantly reduced disease incidence and delayed disease onset in this model that has successfully provided preclinical proof of concept for many clinically validated standard-of-care therapies.
Data at ACR showed that a single dose of CD45-ADC eliminated disease-causing effector cells and ameliorated disease in a humanized murine model of systemic sclerosis with skin involvement.
Mice treated with CD45-ADC showed clear resolution of skin lesions and regrowth of hair, while animals treated with an isotype ADC showed no improvement. CD45-ADC was well tolerated.
Data at ACR showed that a single dose of CD45-ADC enabled immune reset and rebuild and halted disease progression in a murine model of inflammatory arthritis. The disease-modifying effects of this well-tolerated one-time approach were equivalent to multiple doses of a neutralizing anti-TNFα antibody, which replicates a clinically validated approach to treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., Magenta Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing novel medicines for patients with autoimmune diseases, blood cancers and genetic diseases.