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Early trials of Valneva vaccine show 90% immune response
7 April 2021 -

Biotech company Valneva is manufacturing a COVID-19 vaccine in Livingston Scotland and has reported that early trials revealed an immune response of 90%, BBC News reported on Wednesday.

The company tested its vaccine on 153 people and concluded it was safe and generally well tolerated. People who received a medium dose of the vaccine showed an 89.8% immune response, while those given a high dose showed a 100% response.

In addition, the vaccine induced T-cell responses, which help the body fend off a virus and play a role in long-lasting immunity.

Valneva will move to phase three by testing up to 5,000 people, some of whom will be recruited in Scotland.

Chief financial officer of Valneva, David Lawrence, told the BBC's Good Morning Scotland programme that the results were a "major milestone" and that the company had started commercial production.



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