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Caribou Biosciences Inks Licensing Agreement for scFvs Targeting CD371 to Enable Development of Allogeneic Cell Therapies
19 November 2020 - - US-based CRISPR genome editing biotechnology company Caribou Biosciences, Inc has executed an exclusive license agreement with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center under which Caribou has rights to fully human anti-CD371 scFvs and intellectual property related thereto in the field of allogeneic CD371-targeted cell therapies including CAR-T, CAR-NK, or iPSC-derived cell products, the company said.

The anti-CD371 scFvs were developed in the laboratory of Renier Brentjens, M.D., Ph.D. at MSK in collaboration with the Tri-Institutional Therapeutic Discovery Institute (Tri-I TDI).

Tri-I TDI is a non-profit drug discovery company wholly owned by MSK, Weill Cornell Medicine, and The Rockefeller University ( MSK has the sole responsibility for licensing these scFvs and the related intellectual property for commercialization.

In-licensing these anti-CD371 scFvs further expands Caribou's pipeline of allogeneic cell therapies for hematological malignancies. CB-010, Caribou's lead allogeneic CAR-T program, targets CD19 and has been cleared by the FDA for clinical evaluation.

CB-011, Caribou's second allogeneic CAR-T therapy, targets BCMA. Caribou's next-generation genome editing technologies enable high efficiency and specificity multiplex engineering, which is critical for the manufacture of CB-010 and CB-011.

Caribou implements multiple strategies to boost CAR-T cell persistence to overcome T cell exhaustion and prevent rapid immune-mediated clearance.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Caribou is a leading clinical-stage CRISPR genome editing biotechnology company founded by pioneers of CRISPR biology. The company is developing an internal pipeline of off-the-shelf genome-edited CAR-T and natural killer cell therapies.