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Tris Pharma signs licence agreement with Medison Pharma
18 November 2020 -

Tris Pharma Inc, a specialty pharmaceutical company, has signed a contract with Medison Pharma, an international commercial partner, it was reported on Tuesday.

The contract has been signed to give Medison Pharma exclusive rights to commercialise Tris Pharma's FDA-approved Quillivant treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Israel.

Meir Jakobsohn, Medison founder and CEO, was quoted as saying: "We view ADHD as an area in which there is a significant unmet need in Israel, and we believe that Quillivant XR is uniquely well-positioned for the paediatric market. As the only FDA-approved long-acting methylphenidate suspension, Quillivant XR is a natural fit for children who have difficulty swallowing pills, and who can benefit from both the once-per-day dosing schedule and the customised dose and titration enabled by a liquid product."