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QuVa Pharma confirms intravenous Dexamethasone Phosphate availability for hospitalised COVID-19 patients
16 October 2020 -

United States-based QuVa Pharma Inc has confirmed its ability to offer Dexamethasone Phosphate as a compounded sterile product in a ready-to-administer IV bag to treat hospitalised COVID-19 patients, in accordance with the FDA Drug Shortage guidelines, it was reported on Thursday.

The company's Dexamethasone Phosphate is a compounded sterile product (CSP) available as 6mg in 25ml 0.9% sodium chloride IV bag and is now available to be ordered.

Stuart Hinchen, co-founder and chief executive officer at QuVa, said, 'Dexamethasone phosphate has been listed on FDA's Drug Shortages list, as well as their list of compounded drugs for hospitalised COVID-19 patients. QuVa is committed to supporting hospitals as they advance quality patient care, and a ready-to-administer intravenous presentation will enable hospitals to meet their patient care needs while their pharmaceutical supply chain for this product improves.'



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