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EU drug regulator in contact with 38 makers of potential COVID-19 vaccines
22 September 2020 -

The head of clinical studies and manufacturing task force at EMA (European Medicines Agency), the EU drugs regulator, Fergus Sweeney, has stated that the EMA had been in contact with 38 makers of potential COVID-19 vaccines in September 2020, Reuters news agency reported on Tuesday.

Sweeney was quoted as telling a hearing in the European Parliament: "As of early September the EMA has been in contact with developers of 38 potential COVID-19 vaccines."

Reportedly, vaccines must be authorised by EMA before they can be used in the European Union. Currently, no COVID-19 vaccine has been authorised in Europe.

Sweeney said that EU procedures to authorise COVID-19 vaccines will follow established standards, adding that the EU was conducting enhanced monitoring on the safety of potential vaccines under development.

The World Health Organisation lists 38 candidate vaccines in clinical evaluation, including shots developed in China and Russia. Another 149 candidates are in pre-clinical evaluation, Reuters added.



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