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Babson Diagnostics Enters Collaborative Research Agreement with Dell Medical School to Study Immune Response to COVID-19
21 May 2020 - - US-based diagnostic blood testing company Babson Diagnostics has entered into a collaborative research agreement with Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin (Dell Med) to study the immune response to COVID-19, the company said.

The announcement follows the recent launch of Babson's IgG serology test, which yielded 93.2% sensitivity and 100.0% specificity in its clinical performance evaluation and has been submitted to the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization.

The longitudinal research study is designed to measure the adaptive immune response to SARS-CoV-2 by following individuals over a two-year period.

The initial phase of the study begins with 200 COVID-19 positive individuals, including patients and health care workers from UT Health Austin, the clinical practice of Dell Med. Babson will provide serology testing services as part of the collaboration.

The research is designed to inform the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 infections as well as guide the allocation of critical medical resources.

Babson's pipeline of fully automated serology assays are heterogeneous immunoassays analyzed on high-throughput commercial analyzers in the company's CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited, high-complexity clinical laboratory located in Austin.

The research initiative is a continuation of the collaborative relationship Babson and Dell Med have maintained since Babson became one of the first companies to take up residence within Dell Med's WorkSpaces, part of the Texas Health CoLab, a center for health product innovation entrepreneurship aligned with the medical school's mission.

Babson also initiated its own clinical study to further validate its serology testing services. To learn more about Babson's serology testing services and clinical studies.

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