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Purdue Pharma's Avrio Health Begins Studies Assessing Betadine Antiseptic Products' Safety and Effectiveness Against COVID-19
20 May 2020 - - US-based drugmaker Purdue Pharma L.P's Avrio Health L.P. consumer health products subsidiary has initiated a programme to evaluate the potential safety and virucidal effectiveness of certain formulations of Betadine antiseptic products against the virus causing COVID-19, the company said.

An in vitro study evaluating activity against a surrogate coronavirus has begun, with additional in vitro and in vivo studies planned to evaluate certain formulations of Betadine antiseptic products.

Betadine antiseptic products are used to reduce the number of microorganisms on the skin that can potentially cause infection. Some of these products have been used by healthcare professionals for more than 50 years.

Healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, EMTs and many others, have a markedly higher risk of becoming infected with COVID-19, especially if they are exposed to a high volume of sick patients (such as in the emergency room) or respiratory secretions (such as in the intensive care unit).

Latest data from CDC indicate that more than 9,000 healthcare personnel have contracted COVID-19.

In addition, continuous and often sustained exposure to COVID-19 positive patients represents significant risk to caregivers, their families, as well as non-infected patients.

Consistent with the ongoing US Food and Drug Administration procedures for the evaluation of OTC antiseptic drug products, including those containing povidone-iodine, Betadine antiseptic products are available for use as labeled while additional data from these proposed studies are being generated.

This release discusses investigational uses of Betadine and is not intended to convey conclusions about its efficacy or safety in reducing COVID-19 or any other viruses.

Betadine antiseptic products have not been demonstrated to be effective against COVID-19 or any other viruses, nor have any clinical studies been conducted to assess its safety or effectiveness as a virucidal agent.

There is no guarantee that studies evaluating the effectiveness of povidone-iodine against the virus causing COVID-19 will be successful.

Betadine Topical Antiseptic products have been used in the hospital and outpatient setting for their antimicrobial properties for more than 50 years.

Betadine Topical Antiseptic products currently available in the US are for external use only and should not be gargled or swallowed. Use only as directed on the label.

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