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ICC, International SOS Partner to Launch Mobile App to Provide Recognition of Individuals' COVID-19 Compliance Status
6 May 2020 - - The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has partnered with medical and security services firm International SOS to launch the new ICC AOKpass mobile app to provide trusted recognition of individuals' COVID-19 compliance status, the organisations said.

At all times, users maintain full control over their medical information, which is stored securely and privately only on their device.

Co-developed by Singapore-based startups AOKpass and Perlin, the app will allow consumers, workers and businesses to more safely and quickly resume commercial activity in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Development of ICC AOKpass comes as many governments and businesses explore how to allow immune and low-risk individuals to more safely re-enter the workforce based on their COVID-19 compliance status.

This creates a clear need for a trusted and standardised global system to share this information in a private and verifiable manner.

ICC AOKpass, for the first time, will use cutting edge blockchain technology to ensure complete user control over peer-to-peer sharing of COVID-19 medical compliance.

Deployment of ICC AOKpass will begin with a pilot for the Singapore-based employees of International SOS, with a view to rapidly rolling-out pilots for other select businesses globally.

The app will provide employees and businesses with a substantially safer, more efficient and controlled path to early resumption of work alongside other social and health-based recovery efforts.

ICC AOKpass will also be adaptable to the specific needs of different companies and countries evolving to align with ongoing development of COVID-19 serology testing methods and global best practices.

Once fully deployed, users can download the ICC AOKpass app to their mobile device and use it to securely store an authenticated digital copy of their COVID-19 compliance status certificate, as provided by their consulting medical professional.


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