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Humana to Waive Medical Costs Related to Coronavirus Treatment
1 April 2020 - - US-based national health care company Humana (NYSE: HUM) has announced it is waiving consumer costs for treatment related to COVID-19-covered services, the company said.

The company previously announced that it would cover out-of-pocket costs related to coronavirus testing.

Now, costs related to subsequent treatment for COVID-19--including inpatient hospital admissions-- will be waived for enrollees of Medicare Advantage plans, fully insured commercial members, Medicare Supplement and Medicaid.

The waiver applies to all medical costs related to the treatment of COVID-19 as well as FDA-approved medications or vaccines when they become available.

There is no current end date. Humana will reassess as circumstances change.

Humana said it will cover the member responsibility under the plan benefits for COVID-19-related services whether treatment is delivered by in-network or out-of-network providers.

The company's announcement TODAY is part of its overall efforts to accelerate and stabilize access to care for members affected by COVID-19. Humana is also:

Lifting administrative requirements for members infected with coronavirus and for all patients in settings where capacity is stretched by the needs of those infected by coronavirus.

The change allows for unencumbered movement from inpatient hospitals to safe, medically appropriate post-acute care settings, including home health, long-term acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, etc.

The company continues to evaluate additional measures needed to eliminate administrative burdens across a broader spectrum of care.

Waiving member cost share for all telehealth services delivered by participating/in-network providers and accepting audio-only telephone visits for reimbursement

Waiving the out-of-pocket costs (copays, coinsurance and deductibles) associated with COVID-19 testing, including related visit costs in a range of clinical settings such as a physician's office, urgent care center or emergency department

Allowing early prescription refills, so members can prepare for extended supply needs an extra 30- or 90-day supply as appropriate

Providing a member-support line with specially trained call centre employees to help support members with specific coronavirus questions and concerns, including live assistance with telehealth.


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