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GENETWORx to ship 150,000 COVID-19 tests per month
24 March 2020 -

Molecular laboratory GENETWORx Laboratories stated on Monday that it is capable of delivering up to 150,000 COVID-19 tests per month as well as provide 24-hour turnaround results to assist the nation in the battle against the deadly virus.

The company will ship at least 800 COVID-19 tests a day with the ability to increase capacity to 5,000 tests per day and up to 150,000 per month during April. It can provide results from the GENETWORx COVID-19 tests to patients in 24 hours upon receipt of sample.

According to the company, the GENETWORx test follows the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) approved Assay kits required for sample testing for the Coronavirus genome. It is now working diligently to adapt their system to allow accurate, efficient testing of hundreds of samples for the COVID-19 genome in a few hours per run.

In addition, the company is working within the emergency use authorization guidelines from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to specifically conduct COVID-19 testing.

Due to the extreme nature of the COVID-19 emergency, the company has repurposed a portion of their lab so that rapid accurate analysis of COVID-19 samples can be performed in response to the national need.