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MEDICREA awarded FDA approval of the world's first patient-matched spinal interbody cages
11 February 2020 -

AI spinal surgery company MEDICREA (Euronext Growth Paris:FR0004178572) (OTCQX:MRNTF) reported on Tuesday the receipt of the FDA-Clearance for UNiD IB3D Patient-Matched interbody cages under its UNiD ASI platform technology.

The company's UNiD IB3D Patient-Matched interbody cages are 3D-printed titanium implants that allow customization of the cage dimensions, features and endplate morphology.This level of customization is commercially available for the first time on the spinal market.

According to the company, the cages are defined to precisely match the optimal patient's surgical and anatomical requirements during the pre-op planning phase. The engineers map out the exact anatomy of each vertebrae endplates, design the ideal cage to restore proper height and angulation and the optimized surface contact between the implant and the vertebrae endplates improves stability.

Following this new FDA clearance, the company said it offers a solution that meet standard clinical needs as well as provide surgeons with a solution that was not available to them before.

Additionally, the company's UNiD IB3D Patient-Matched interbody cages allow the surgeon to accommodate geometrical inconsistencies of endplates and vertebral bodies, improving surgical and clinical outcomes. The interbody cages provide surgeons with accurate patient-specific implantable devices as well as help streamline implant inventory in the operating room.



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