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DynoSense Corp passes US FDA approval for the cloud based vital signs measurement system
14 August 2019 -

Health management company DynoSense Corp revealed on Tuesday the receipt of the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) clearance for the world's first most integrated, patented and cloud-based vital signs measuring and recording platform, Vital Signs Measuring System.

According to the company, the Vital Signs Measuring System's unique worldwide patented and award-winning design is as simple to use as a digital thermometer yet capable of capturing electrocardiogram (ECG), respiration rate (RR), oral body temperature (TEMP), functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2), optical photoplethysmogram (PPG) for pulse rate (PR) as well as heart rate (HR).

The company added that the wireless device communicates with any smart mobile phone operating DynoLife application or third-party customized applications and sends the raw data to the cloud for computation. The raw data is analyzed and results computed in the cloud by an intelligent analytic (IA) engine.

Through the Medical Decision Support Algorithms (MDSA), the company can provide more comprehensive clinical and financial outcomes while creating a unique experience for people with high risk health factors or chronic conditions.

In conjunction, the company's Vital Signs Measuring System solution has a market size exceeding USD50bn spanning across elderly healthcare, chronic care, hospital discharge management, geographically isolated regions and consumer health and wellness facilities.



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