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Duchesnay USA launches new Osphena website
14 August 2019 -

Duchesnay USA, a pharmaceutical company that specialises in women's health, has launched its new Osphena (ospemifene) website, it was reported yesterday.

The website was updated to indicate the addition of Osphena's second FDA-approved indication to its original indication for the treatment of moderate to severe dyspareunia due to menopause. It has been optimised for mobile devices and is claimed to offer a better user experience due to faster downloading, more intuitive navigation and more colourful visuals.

Melanie Lussier, vice president, Corporate Affairs and Communications at Duchesnay, said, 'We're excited to share the new Osphena website for several reasons. First, we want to reassure menopausal women that the vaginal symptoms they are experiencing are a real medical condition. Second, we want to ensure that women understand that these conditions can get worse if left untreated. Finally, we want to let patients know that if they were concerned about using a hormone-based treatment or are not comfortable with treatments that require vaginal application, they now have the option of taking a non-hormonal, once-daily, oral pill.'