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Vesselon acquires oncology drug Imagent
9 August 2019 -

Vesselon, an oncology therapeutics company, has acquired FDA-approved drug, Imagent, it was reported yesterday.

The company will use the product to create novel therapeutic complexes in four classes of cancer drugs, cytokines, oncolytic viruses, monoclonal antibodies, and nucleic acid constructs. The company incorporates the product into its Vascular Encapsulation Sonication Targeting (VESTTM) system that combines three FDA-approved elements: the Imagent drugs, conventional ultrasound, plus an approved cancer drug.

The ultrasound is used to actively target the drugs by aiming the ultrasound precisely at the tumour, causing the Imagent drug to oscillate in the capillaries to selectively open vessel wall barriers. In addition, certain drugs can be encapsulated inside the Imagent microsphere to be released by ultrasound only at the tumour site. This combination of precise tumour targeting and the release only at the tumour is claimed to address the three major issues facing all cancer therapy: toxicity, degradation, and targeting.

The product has been approved by the FDA (NDA 21-191) for diagnostic purposes as a contrast agent for diagnostic ultrasound.