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Aidoc wins US FDA clearance for world's first AI solution for C-spine fractures
12 June 2019 -

AI radiology company Aidoc revealed on Tuesday that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the world's first AI solution for the treatment of cervical spine (C-spine) fractures.

This latest US FDA 510(k) clearance is reportedly the company's third in nine months and follows the recent US FDA clearance of the pulmonary embolism solution.

The company added that the AI-powered triage automatically prioritizes critical cases, ensuring that they are diagnosed by a radiologist in the most timely manner.

According to the company, the recent studies show that 54% of radiologists feel "burnt out" due to long work hours and on-the-job stress. AI-driven workflow triage is especially beneficial for empowering the radiologist by maintaining quality across the workflow, increasing confidence in treating critical patients on time, while making radiologists' work a lot more rewarding and less tedious.

In conjunction, the company's CEO Elad Walach will present its suite of AI-based workflow solutions at booth 513on an Ask Industry panel on the topic of 'AI in Practice – Where Are We Now?' at the SIIM 2019 annual meeting.



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