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Zynex awarded US patent for Blood Volume Monitor Device
9 October 2018 -

Medical technology company Zynex Inc (OTCQB:ZYXI) revealed on Monday the receipt of a US utility patent for its Blood Volume Monitor Device for use in hospitals and surgery centres.

In conjunction, Thomas Sandgaard, the CEO and inventor of the patent, has assigned the rights to the company's subsidiary, Zynex Monitoring Solutions.

According to Sandgaard, the company has obtained the patent protection for the core principles to detect fluid imbalances, including excessive blood loss during surgery or internal bleeding in recovery. The algorithm which computes multiple vital signs into an easy-to-understand Index is now protected through this patent.

Concurrently, the company has received a strong interest in its Blood Volume Monitor from the US Army following a live demonstration of the product that is fully developed and in pilot production. It is still awaiting US FDA clearance and European CE marking to fully launch the product into the market, added Sandgaard.

The company's non-invasive, easy-to-operate technology will serve a huge unmet need to manage blood volume in hospital and surgical settings, whether it is fluid loss, fluid overload or internal bleeding which is rarely detected until it becomes critical or fatal. Fluid management issues can cause organs to malfunction and make recovery difficult.This breakthrough technology is unique as there are no other non-invasive devices available that can detect blood loss or internal bleeding, concluded Sandgaard.



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