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Rapamycin Holdings Opens First Human Clinical Trial of its eRapa Compound Targeting Early Stage Prostate Cancer
20 September 2018 - - US-based drug development company Rapamycin Holdings, Inc has treated its first human patient with the company's pharmaceutical formulation of its eRapa compound, the company said.

This first in human Phase 1b clinical trial of eRapa focuses on men with early stage prostate cancer.

The trial will dose an expected twelve to 24 qualified patients to establish safety and explore the optimal biologic dose of eRapa. The trial is led by Michael Liss, M.D., a urologic oncologist at UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center, where the Phase 1b study is being conducted.

RHI anticipates that the trial will conclude in mid 2019, leading the company closer to collaboration with the US FDA toward the expedited 505(b) (2) regulatory pathway.

The company is also looking ahead to future clinical trials in potential indications that may expedite marketing authorization and commercialization of eRapa.

Researchers at UT Health San Antonio discovered that an improved formulation of the well-known drug, Rapamycin, extended life span and health span in rodents by mitigating the effects of age-related diseases.

Rapamycin Holdings, as the exclusive licensee of this technology, is capitalising on this discovery by developing a novel proprietary and patented formulation for the treatment of serious unmet medical needs.

Rapamycin Holdings holds the exclusive licenses for Rapamycin-related research discoveries made at UT Health San Antonio.

The company is leveraging a platform of Rapamycin-related discoveries which could have dramatic implications in improving an individual's health-span and in fighting cancer as well as other age-related medical conditions.


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