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Micreos passes US FDA approval for PhageGuard-E to combat E. Coli O157
19 September 2018 -

Phage products company Micreos revealed on Tuesday that it has received FDA & USDA approval for Phageguard-E as a 'GRAS' (Generally Recognized as Safe) food processing aid against E.coli O157.

Based in the Netherlands, the company's new PhageGuard-E product consists of natural phages against E.coli and the product is produced in Europe.

In conjunction with the US FDA approval, PhageGuard-E, a new surface intervention to combat E. coli O157 on food products, will now be available for the US beef industry. Micreos, a pioneer in targeted pathogen reduction technology, plans to start industrial scale projects with US meat processing companies shortly.

The company said the recent research conducted at the University of Neveda demonstrated superior results of PhageGuard-E surface spray on E. coli O157 contaminated fresh cold beef over currently used chemicals. The findings are of particular interest to beef processors looking for natural and effective post harvest interventions, reducing E. coli O157 on beef carcasses, primals, subs and trimmings.

Unlike harsh chemical interventions, phages are harmless to plant workers and do not damage equipment, concrete floors and water-treatment installations. Unlike traditional chemical treatments, PhageGuard-E kills E. coli without affecting the organoleptic properties of treated food products, concluded the company.



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