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TS Alliance wins US FDA approval for Afinitor for partial-onset seizures in patients with tuberous sclerosis complex
11 April 2018 -

Tuberous sclerosis treatment company Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance (TS Alliance) reported on Tuesday the receipt of approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for Afinitor (everolimus) for the first adjunctive treatment of partial-onset seizures in patients aged two years and older with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC).

TSC is a rare genetic disease that causes tumors to form in vital organs; it's also the leading genetic cause of both epilepsy and autism.

The drug Afinitor (everolimus) is reportedly manufactured by Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

Prior to the new US FDA approval, Afinitor (everolimus) was previously approved by the US FDA for the treatment of adult and pediatric patients aged one year and older with TSC, who have subependymal giant cell astrocytoma (SEGA) and adults with renal angiomyolipomas.



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