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DarioHealth secures key contract for blood glucose monitoring system
9 February 2018 -

Digital health company DarioHealth Corp (NASDAQ:DRIO) said on Thursday that it has secured a clinical study contract for its B2B diabetes platform.

The company has signed the agreement with an undisclosed pharmaceutical company that is seeking US FDA clearance for a new drug related to managing diabetes. DarioHealth will run and track the blood glucose readings of participants in the clinical study via its B2B diabetes platform.

DarioHealth's B2B platform aims to increase user engagement during the course of the clinical study and will leverage key learnings from its direct-to-consumer success, including allowing the participants to log their BGM readings in real-time in the Dario logbook and utilise the reminders and statistics features.

This move into clinical studies and clinician practices shows the adoption of Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System products and solutions going beyond the scope of just the consumer.