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Padilla's survey shows companies should create their own COVID-19 vaccine policy
5 March 2021 -

Public relations company Padilla announced on Thursday that three in five US employees working without a COVID-19 vaccination policy expect their companies to create one and would not feel comfortable returning to work unless at least 50% of all employees are vaccinated.

This survey is based a new study commissioned by Padilla and conducted by its research division, SMS Research Advisors. SMS Research Advisors surveyed 1,026 people employed in the workforce of varying ages, positions/levels and industries in January 2021, with 8.4% of survey respondents working in health care. About 85% of employees supported the approach of COVID-19 vaccine policy.

Almost half of employees working for companies with 1,000 or fewer co-workers, want 75% or more of their co-workers vaccinated before they return to the workplace. In general, organizations are not requiring their employees to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, added Padilla.

The most common opposition to a mandatory workplace vaccination policy comes from employees who want to receive a vaccine, but do not think their employer should require it and those who oppose the vaccine altogether and do not want their employer to require it. The vaccinations should be mandatory for any job that requires human-to-human interaction, concluded Padilla.