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PPD Inc joins US Army study to develop PTSD drugs
19 February 2021 -

Contract research organization PPD Inc (Nasdaq:PPD) is to participate in a project to develop new treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the company announced on Thursday.

PPD has been awarded Defense Health Agency funds to support a five-year Research Project Award (RPA) to develop and execute an adaptive platform clinical research trial of drug interventions to treat PTSD.

As part of the project, PPD will work with US Medical Research Development Command (USAMRDC) and US Army Medical Materiel Development Activity's (USAMMDA) Warfighter Brain Health Project Management Office (WBH PMO) to test the effectiveness and safety of at least two pharmacotherapeutic drug candidates.

PPD's adaptive platform trial design is intended to provide the WBH PMO with increased efficiency and a streamlined development process. It facilitates evaluating multiple experimental treatment options simultaneously, adding new treatments over time, terminating ineffective treatments and graduating promising treatments to the next stage of development.