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Brigham Young University announces alcohol free Disinfect & Shield kills COVID-19 on contact
22 January 2021 -

Brigham Young University revealed on Thursday that its FDA listed alcohol-free Disinfect & Shield hand sanitizer containing benzalkonium chloride are just as effective against the COVID-19 virus as alcohol-based products based on a new research based study.

The new study was reportedly published in The Journal of Hospital Infection.

According to the university , the Disinfect & Shield Hand Sanitizer is available as a moisture-infused foam or spray that leaves an invisible, breathable barrier on the skin. It not only destroys 99.99% of bacteria but is also eco-friendly, making it ultra-safe for use around pets and plants while protecting the treated area for up to a full eight hours. The product is effective against numerous viruses, bacteria, moulds, and fungi enveloped and non- enveloped, including strains of SARS, MRSA and Staph infection.

Disinfect & Shield is a fast-acting nanotechnology that destroys viruses and bacteria and prevents them from attaching to skin, surfaces, and clothes. The colourless, odourless, positively charged polymer bonds to the treated surface creating a layer of electrically charged swords. They protect the surface from biofilm growth by puncturing the cell membrane. It is alcohol-free and eliminates the harsh fumes and cracked, dry skin that accompanies alcohol-based sanitizers and its safe for use on PPE like gloves, concluded the university.



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