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Cerba Research Develops COVID-19 Exploratory Tools
21 January 2021 - - Belgium-based healthcare diagnostic company Cerba Research has developed two new COVID-19 exploratory tools to enhance clinical research for the development of vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, the company said.

Developed by scientists at Cerba Healthcare on nasopharyngeal ongoing patient samples, these tools are available and efficient on clinical specimens.

Furthermore, this whole-genome sequencing in NGS assay is available for other viruses responsible for respiratory diseases like influenza viruses.

The developments reinforce Cerba Healthcare and Cerba Research's scientific commitment to the continued fight against the pandemic.

Cerba Research recently announced its In Vitro Diagnostic division supported The French Public Health Agency (Santé Publique France) in a prospective COVID-19 seroprevalence study now identified as a major partner for epidemiological studies with the French government.

Cerba Research is a healthcare diagnostic company with end-to-end drug development and diagnostic solutions to optimize R and D drug productivity and commercialization.

Providing global clinical trial central laboratory solutions (speciality lab, FCM, ICH, NGS, BioA, metabolomics), translational science (biomarkers development, CDx, biobanking), and IVD (biospecimens, prospective and retrospective sample collection, IVD evaluation).

Cerba Healthcare, the parent company of Cerba Research, is an international network of medical biology laboratories that offers a complete solution in terms of biological diagnostics, ranging from the collection centre to the speciality laboratory.


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