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Metrion Biosciences and LifeArc extend neuroscience-Ion channel drug discovery collaboration for a further 12 months
19 January 2021 -

Drug discovery company Metrion Biosciences Limited reported on Monday a 12-month extension of its neuroscience drug discovery collaboration with LifeArc, a leading UK independent medical research charity, following the continued success of their ongoing agreement.

Upon achievement of mutually agreed criteria LifeArc has now exercised the option to extend the programme by an additional 12 months.

Initially signed in January 2019, the collaboration agreement was extended for the first time in December 2019.

The partnership focuses on the discovery of novel selective small molecular modulators of a specific two-pore domain potassium ion channel target, identified as likely to be involved in neurological pathogenesis, and has now progressed into the hit-to-lead optimisation phase.

Pursuant to the agreement, Metrion provides validated ion channel and electrophysiology-based assays and safety profiling services. LifeArc uses its expertise to identify novel modulators of CNS ion channel targets and all new chemical syntheses, with Metrion evaluating the pharmacological activities of LifeArc compounds using both automated electrophysiology and manual patch clamp technologies.