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Argentina ready to distribute hyperimmune serum produced by Immunova to combat COVID-19
13 January 2021 -

Biotechnology company Immunova said on 12 January 2021 that Argentina has successfully passed clinical trials for a hyperimmune serum to combat COVID-19 developed with antibodies from horses and its distribution will begin over the next few days, Reuters news agency reported on Wednesday.

This serum, produced by Immunova, is to be prescribed at hospitals and other medical facilities.

An Inmunova spokeswoman told Reuters: "This week it will be ready for distribution," adding that the anti-COVID-19 serum has already completed its last phase of clinical studies.

Linus Spatz, director of Inmunova, was quoted as telling media: "We are working at the moment with a capacity in the plant of about 60,000 vials per month, that implies between 12 and 15,000 treatments because the treatment is based on the weight of the patient, so it varies between 4, 5 or 6 vials per patient", adding, "After supplying Argentina, we are in contact with several Latin American countries and we are even thinking about increasing capacity further. We believe that in March we will be at 1,000,000 vials per month."

According to the latest official data, Argentina has recorded 1,730,921 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 44,654 deaths.