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Tessera Therapeutics Attracts Over USD 230m in series B Financing to Advance 'Gene Writing' A New Category in Genetic Medicine
12 January 2021 - - US-based early-stage life sciences company Tessera Therapeutics, founded by Flagship Pioneering, has raised over USD 230m in series B financing, the company said.

The round was co-led by Alaska Permanent Fund Corp., Altitude Life Science Ventures, and SoftBank Vision Fund 2i, with participation from Qatar Investment Authority and others.

Tessera, unveiled in July 2020 after multiple years of in-house innovation within Flagship Labs, is pioneering Gene Writing, a new technology that has the ability to write therapeutic instructions into the genome to treat diseases at their source.

By changing any base pair to another, making small insertions or deletions, and writing entire genes into the genome, Gene Writing unlocks the potential to cure genetic diseases and create life-changing therapeutics in cardiovascular, oncological, neurodegenerative, and infectious diseases.

Gene Writing is inspired by and builds upon the shoulders of nature's most prevalent class of genes: mobile genetic elements.

Tessera's computational and high-throughput laboratory platform has enabled the team to design, build, and test thousands of engineered and synthetic mobile genetic elements for writing and rewriting the human genome.

Tessera will use the latest round of funding to accelerate research and development in the company's Gene Writing technologies, expand its team, and establish manufacturing and automation capabilities critical for its platform and programs.

This investment will accelerate the company's ability to position multiple therapeutic programs for clinical development.

Tessera Therapeutics is an early-stage life sciences company pioneering Gene Writing, a new biotechnology designed to offer scientists and clinicians the ability to write small and large therapeutic messages into the genome, thereby curing diseases at their source.

According to the company, Gene Writing holds the potential to become a new category in genetic medicine, building upon recent breakthroughs in gene therapy and gene editing while eliminating important limitations in their reach, utilization, and efficacy.