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Medline launches two new healthcare sustainability programs
3 December 2020 -

Medline, a United States-based healthcare company, has launched two new healthcare sustainability programs, a Green Product Portfolio and a Sustainable Packaging Lab, it was reported on Wednesday.

The programs are intended to help hospitals to reduce the amount of product waste coming out of their facilities.

The company is launching a new web page to help healthcare providers to find and purchase green products. Medline currently has over 40 unique product types that meet its Green Product Portfolio Standards, which are informed by Kaiser Permanente's Environmentally Preferred Purchasing guidelines, the Federal Trade Commission's Green Guides, and the Environmental Protection Agency's guidelines.

It is also launching a Sustainable Packaging Lab with employees who specialise in research and development, engineering, packaging and product design. The group will tackle packaging waste from every step of the process and aims to complete and roll out four new projects by the end of 2021.