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Precision Virologics and Bharat Biotech announces rights to intranasal COVID-19 vaccine technology; Technology recently published in Cell and Nature
23 September 2020 -

St. Louis-based biotech startup Precision Virologics and India's Bharat Biotech on Tuesday jointly announced the receipt of rights from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis for a novel chimp-adenovirus vaccine for COVID-19.

Under the agreement, Precision Virologics has acquired the rights for USA, Europe and Japan. Bharat has obtained the license for all other markets.

The licensing agreements will lead to rapid clinical development, following the intranasal vaccine candidate having shown unprecedented levels of protection in mouse studies. The Precision and BioGenerator-supported vaccine candidate now advances to human trials.

Based on exceptional findings, the National Institutes of Health is advancing studies in non-human primates in a Phase I trial in a single nasal dose at Saint Louis University's Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Unit.

Upon obtaining regulatory approvals, Bharat Biotech will pursue clinical trials in India and undertake large-scale manufacture of the vaccine at its GMP facility in Genome Valley, India.



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