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Immunovia expands lung cancer program
29 June 2020 -

Immunovia AB (publ), a diagnostic company, has revealed that the results of the present study in lung cancer support an expansion into the next stage in the discovery process, it was reported on Friday.

With a recent capital raise, Immunovia says that it is fully financed to expand the discovery process in lung cancer. The next phase in the lung cancer program expansion is a study of a larger group of fresh lung cancer samples that best showcase the commercial environment.

The company intends to be the first to present an opportunity for an increased overall survival by early detection with the present lung cancer program.

'These results from lung cancer demonstrate that our powerful technology platform IMMray delivers significant robustness in lung cancer, which further validates our excitement about our platform that has the potential to revolutionise differential diagnosis for the early detection of many cancers,' stated Mats Grahn, CEO of Immunovia.



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