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Survey Finds Pharma Execs Uncertain About How COVID-19 Will Affect the Volume of Business Development Efforts
4 June 2020 - - A survey from US-based life sciences solutions provider Trinity Life Sciences finds that New Product Planning pharmaceutical executives are uncertain about how COVID-19 will affect the volume of business development efforts.

According to the new brief entitled Impact of COVID-19 on New Product Planning, NPP teams are mixed in their expectations for the volume of business development efforts to change in the near term due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The brief was based on a survey of NPP pharma leaders focusing on how they are approaching the challenges and uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

The brief also finds that although NPP teams anticipate delays in market research as they shift to virtual methods, they may find healthcare providers' availability to be better than they expect, enabling them to continue critical research and strategic decision-making in the near term.

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