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EchelonDx Launches Mobile COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Verification Application
27 May 2020 - - US-based genomic healthcare AI imaging and big data solutions provider Echelon Diagnostics, Inc. has launched the SafeKey Health Passport, the company said.

SafeKey is a new mobile enterprise application for secure collection, storage and retrieval of employee COVID-19 diagnostic and immunity testing, as well as vaccination status.

SafeKey is the first safe, simple and secure solution designed to help ensure a healthy working environment without compromising, storing or transmitting employee protected health information.

The new application provides employers and employees with necessary testing and vaccination assurances to reopen local businesses, restore employment and revive economic growth across the country.

As the country begins to reopen, employers will need to be able to monitor and assure that their work environment is safe for all of their employees and customers.

The SafeKey Health Passport is the first enterprise-designed solution to verify an individual's COVID-19 testing status.

Since this application is not part of a centralized tracking system, it safeguards employee anonymity and PHI. Compared to alternative COVID-19 tracking applications, the SafeKey Health Passport verifies an individual's COVID-19 vaccination and testing status for antibody antigen and/or PCR technologies used to detect past or present infection

It also safeguards privacy and anonymity, confirms all COVID-19 tests are conducted properly and within valid time windows and incorporates real-time personal health biometric data, including body temperature and blood oxygen level.

The technology interoperates with data from testing laboratories, remote health systems, managed health organizations, and referring physicians without integration of electronic medical records or enterprise information systems, and includes option for attaching images of all assays and supply barcodes to qualify test, methodology and validity.

EchelonDx has filed a patent submission with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the SafeKey Health Passport application and underlying technology.

Echelon Diagnostics is a provider of clinical contract research and data solutions that integrate innovations in AI, image analysis, big data technology, and liquid biopsy to improve the human condition.

Founded by a team of healthcare executives and entrepreneurial visionaries, EchelonDx offers a portfolio of turnkey products and customized software solutions for analyzing and reporting results from non-invasive prenatal testing, liquid biopsy, oncology, in vitro fertilization, and CRISPR-related applications.


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