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Moleculin Files Patent to Cover New Coronavirus Drug Candidate
24 March 2020 - - A new patent application has been filed covering the use of WP1122 and its analogs as therapies to limit the ability of coronavirus and other viruses to replicate, US-based clinical stage pharmaceutical company Moleculin Biotech, Inc., (NASDAQ: MBRX) said.

The patent application covers joint discoveries which came as a result of an ongoing sponsored research agreement.

This patent application coincided with Moleculin entering into an agreement with a major Texas university (announced March 16th, 2020) to conduct research on WP1122 and its analogs for antiviral properties against a range of viruses, including Coronavirus.

Moleculin Biotech, Inc. is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company focused on the development of a broad portfolio of oncology drug candidates for the treatment of highly resistant tumors.

The company's clinical stage drugs are: Annamycin, a Next Generation Anthracycline, designed to avoid multidrug resistance mechanisms with little to no cardiotoxicity being studied for the treatment of relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukemia, more commonly referred to as AML, WP1066, an Immune/Transcription Modulator capable of inhibiting p-STAT3 and other oncogenic transcription factors while also stimulating a natural immune response, targeting brain tumors, pancreatic cancer and hematologic malignancies, and WP1220, an analog to WP1066, for the topical treatment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.

Moleculin is also engaged in preclinical development of additional drug candidates, including additional Immune/Transcription Modulators, as well as compounds like WP1122, capable of Metabolism/Glycosylation Inhibition.


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