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Caris Life Sciences names Matthew Oberley new executive medical director
12 February 2020 -

Caris Life Sciences, a United States-based molecular science company, announced on Tuesday that it has named Matthew Oberley, MD, PhD, as its new executive medical director.

Dr Oberley joined the company in August 2019 as senior medical director and has functioned as a leading face for Caris' clinical and scientific expertise in the marketplace and research community. Prior to joining Caris, Dr Oberley held roles at the University of Southern California and, most recently, Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

His responsibilities have included managing the company's Medical Science Liaison team and helping connect key oncology research leaders across the country with the large datasets Caris has generated through the Company's molecular profiling technology. In his expanded role, Dr Oberley will manage the company's quality and fidelity of the medical operations facilities to ensure patient safety. Dr Oberley will lead Caris' pathology and genetics teams.