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MyAbilities Technologies introduces JobXweb.com
16 January 2020 -

MyAbilities Technologies, a company involved in smart health technology and workplace safety, has launched what is claimed to be the world's first online Digital Job Analysis database, JobXweb.com, it was reported yesterday.

The free database offers users access to more than 50,000 job titles, each with unique industry Digital Job Profiles including comprehensive analysis of the psychosocial, cognitive and physical demands in addition to a comprehensive job description. Each Digital Job Profile includes the essential demands of that job, whether they are physical, cognitive or psychosocial. Digital Job Profiles are shared with various stakeholders to support decisions leveraging the exact same set of data in a standardised, visual way to understand all the demands of the job.

Dr Michael Sonne, vice president, innovations and research at MyAbilities Technologies, said, 'Organisations can quickly search through a simple and free database to conduct a thorough review of the demands of thousands of jobs across all industries. We believe JobXweb.com is the first of its kind to offer easy access to a standardised analysis of thousands of jobs, and to present the information in a clear, shareable way.'