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BioMotiv collaborates with Atomwise
15 January 2020 -

BioMotiv, a biopharma company, has collaborated with Atomwise, a company involved in using artificial intelligence for small molecule discovery, to co-develop therapies, it was reported yesterday.

Both firms will establish co-owned, joint development companies (JDCs) that will merge Atomwise's AI technology and BioMotiv's expertise in preclinical and clinical development to translate innovative academic and early-stage research into small molecule therapies.

BioMotiv has raised more than USD340m in collaboration with the Harrington Discovery Institute to move forward its mission – Accelerate Breakthrough Discoveries into Medicines. The partnership is intended to allow both firms to source promising targets, assays and compounds for the JDCs from the Harrington Project, the AIMS program, and research institutions around the world. They say that they will provide the joint development companies with funding, expertise in medicinal chemistry, biology and drug development and access to an established and trusted ecosystem of providers and biopharma partners.



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