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TScan Therapeutics Raises USD 35m in Series B Funding
14 January 2020 - - US-based TScan Therapeutics has completed its series B raise with the inclusion of Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Pitango Venture Capital, and Astellas Venture Management (the wholly-owned venture capital organization of Astellas Pharma Inc), the company said.

In addition, series B investors include 6 Dimensions Capital, Longwood Fund, Bessemer Venture Partners, GV, and Novartis Venture Fund.

TScan designs therapies that reprogram a patient's own T cells to recognize and fight their cancer using naturally-occurring TCRs that find and destroy shared cancer targets.

The TScan technology process allows TCRs to be scanned against target antigens in a genome-wide, high-throughput, and unbiased fashion.

TScan is developing a portfolio of TCR therapies for patients suffering from both liquid and solid tumors, and has already discovered, through this process, novel antigens from TCRs, novel TCRs from known antigens, and previously uncharacterised off-targets of known TCRs.