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Varian names new director
28 November 2019 -

Varian (NYSE: VAR), a company that develops, builds and delivers innovative cancer care technologies and solutions for clinical partners around the globe, announced yesterday that it has named Dr Michelle Le Beau, as its new director effective 27 November 2019.

Dr Le Beau holds various positions at the University of Chicago, including Arthur and Marian Edelstein professor of medicine, Section of Haematology/Oncology (1986--present); director, University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center (2004--present); board member of the University of Chicago Medicine Cancer Council (2012--present); director, Cancer Cytogenetics Laboratory (1986--present).

R Andrew Eckert, chairman of Varian's board of directors, said, 'We are delighted to have Michelle Le Beau join the Varian board. Michelle has extensive experience in cancer research, clinical and research program development, and structure and operation of academic cancer centres. We are excited to leverage her strong background to advise the company as it builds the future of multi-disciplinary cancer care solutions.'



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