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Summit Therapeutics opens enrolment in planned additional group in PhaseOut DMD ezutromid study
12 March 2018 -

United Kingdom-based Summit Therapeutics has opened enrolment in a planned additional group in its phase two open label clinical trial named PhaseOut DMD for its Duchenne muscular dystrophy drug (DMD), ezutromid, it was reported on Friday.

Enrolment is open to patients who participated in Phase one clinical trials of ezutromid but did not meet the entry criteria for the main PhaseOut DMD cohorts. Patients are eligible to participate regardless of their ambulatory status or age. Study evaluations will include functional tests appropriate for the patient's ambulatory status, cardiac MRI and lung function tests. Dosing of patients in this additional group will run in parallel to the main part of the ongoing PhaseOut DMD clinical trial.

Summit chief operating officer and medical officer, David Roblin, said, 'We are extremely grateful to the patients who participated in our Phase 1 clinical trials and contributed to ezutromid's clinical advancement, but were not initially eligible to participate in our Phase two clinical trial. Accordingly, we are pleased to open this additional group in our Phase 2 and provide these patients with the opportunity to receive ezutromid treatment. We expect the data collected from this additional group of patients will help expand our understanding of ezutromid's safety and efficacy profile across a broader patient population.'