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Onxeo grants global exclusive licence for Validive to Monopar Therapeutics
13 September 2017 -

Biotechnology company Onxeo S.A. (EPA: ONXEO) has granted a global exclusive licence of its product Validive to Chicago, Illinois-based Monopar Therapeutics, the company said on Wednesday.

Validive (clonidine mucoadhesive buccal tablet) is indicated for the treatment of severe oral mucositis induced by radiotherapy or chemotherapy in patients suffering from head and neck cancer.

Onxeo works primarily in the development of innovative drugs for the treatment of orphan diseases, with a focus on oncology. Meanwhile, Monopar Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that develops novel drug combinations to improve clinical outcomes in advanced cancer.

"Severe oral mucositis occurs in the majority of patients treated with radiotherapy/chemotherapy for head and neck cancer but there is no effective prevention or treatment available to date," commented Chandler D. Robinson, MD, MBA, MSc, CEO of Monopar Therapeutics.

"We are pleased with this agreement and strongly believe in the potential of Validive to answer this large unmet need. The acquisition of a phase III-ready asset is fully aligned with our strategy to build a strong and diversified portfolio of oncology products that will improve clinical outcomes in patients with advanced cancer."