Vivera Pharmaceuticals to screen travellers to the UAE for COVID-19
8 October 2020 -

Pharmaceutical company Vivera Pharmaceuticals stated on Wednesday that it will test airline passengers flying into the UAE in accordance with the country's requirement for travellers to prove they are not infected with COVID-19 under an agreement with Pure Health, UAE.

Pure Health, which operates the largest network of laboratories in the UAE and a healthcare solutions provider, has reportedly appointed Vivera to launch this pioneering project in the UAE to promote safe travel.

The UAE-issued regulations require all travellers flying into the UAE to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test. Travellers without such a certificate are refused entry on to the flight.

According to the partnership, the system is similar to the ESTA process in the United States. The traveller visits, chooses a testing location, selects a time slot and completes the test at the agreed time and place. The test results are then transmitted to the UAE authorities who use the data to cross-reference and authorize arriving travellers against the border control database.