Propella Therapeutics obtains US patent for new metastatic prostate cancer drug treatment
8 October 2020 -

Propella Therapeutics Inc, a company that develops prescription products, has been issued with a United States patent for a new drug treatment intended for the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer, it was reported on Wednesday.

The patent includes new molecules that are designed to provide significant advantages over the present standard of care.

The patent, named Abiraterone Prodrugs, protects certain novel prodrugs that are biologically inactive compounds that the body converts into the active pharmacological agent, abiraterone. The product is a potent CYP 17 enzyme inhibitor that prevents the synthesis of testosterone and other androgens that fuel prostate cancer cells. It is dosed in a single injection that is active for 3 months, rather than the current treatment that involves daily oral dosing and fluctuating levels of a similar drug.