APAC Biotech wins Indian patent for maturation and production of dendritic cells for cancer treatment
24 July 2020 -

Indian biotechnology company APAC Biotech stated on Thursday that it has received Indian patent number 340947, entitled "Composition and method for producing activated dendritic cells".

The company has previously conducted trials and received approval from the Drug Controller General Of India in 2017 for its product APCEDEN (personalized dendritic cell-based immunotherapy).

APAC Biotech's latest invention provides a composition comprising of a population of activated dendritic cells tutored in the lab to produce immunogens useful in the treatment of cancer. It also provides a method for producing a population of activated dendritic cells specific to a patient's whole tumor protein.

The new product is named LTR-MEMVAXRALEUCEL and is based on homogenous loading of whole tumor amplified mRNA and whole tumor protein, specifically designed for Glioblastoma and Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma.