Hoth Therapeutics forms JV with Voltron Therapeutics to develop self-assembling vaccine for COVID-19 prevention
24 March 2020 -

Hoth Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: HOTH), a biopharmaceutical company, has signed a contract with Voltron Therapeutics Inc to establish a joint venture named HaloVax that is to start preclinical studies for the development of vaccine prospects to prevent the Coronavirus, it was reported on Monday.

The vaccine is being developed based on VaxCelerate, a self-assembling vaccine platform licensed by Voltron from the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center at Massachusetts General Hospital.

With the support of Massachusetts General Hospital, both firms, will work jointly on exploring and developing this self-assembling vaccine technology as a means to aid patients at risk of being infected with COVID-19. The VaxCelerate vaccine platform was developed as a means of rapidly generating and pre-clinically testing a new vaccine against specific pathogen targets. The technology has received funding from Department of Defense and has demonstrated proof of concept in Lassa fever, an emerging infectious disease. HaloVax aims to use these same self-assembling vaccine principles to assist in the development of a potential vaccine against the COVID-19 pandemic.